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Kochbuch für buddhistische Zurückziehungen

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Contemporary & Timeless – Newar Buddhist Sculpture in the Kathmandu Valley

Fabri Verlag, Ulm 2016
67 Seiten
56 Illustrationen
Sprache englisch

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The Kathmandu Valley, a Cultural Heritage Site, is the main seat of Nepalese Art and Culture since over 2000 years. Especially the Newar people are famous and outstanding for their handicraft. – The book throws a glance at contemporary, traditional Newar Buddhist stone sculpture of the Bajracharya family in Patan, which demonstrates an extraordinary talent. They are keeping and holding this rich tradition – now in the fifth generation. Based on interviews with Siddhi Raj Bajracharya and a coloured catalogue, “Contemporary & Timeless” discusses meaning and purpose of Buddhist Sculpture, iconography versus freedom of art, as well as the intentions of customers in East and West. – Without fail a book of interest to people, who love Buddhist art!

Gang Rinpoche – the Precious Snow Mountain

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