Sowa Rigpa Foundation

The main goal of the foundation is to maintain, practice and transfer the knowledge of the Sowa Rigpa transmission – the Buddhist science of healing – to interested people at home and abroad following the tradition of the Karma Kagyu lineage.

This precious healing knowledge from the Himalayas must survive.

Mission of the foundation

  • Support teachers of theory and practice of the Sowa Rigpa; granting scholarships to Sowa Rigpa students;
  • provide and maintain real estate used for housing, studying and practicing by students, teachers and interested people;
  • project-related support of Buddhist monasteries and schools in Buddhist countries;
  • support the preservation and culturing of healing plants in Nepal and the Himalayas;
  • support charitable, social and educational institutions at home and abroad;
  • financial support of other bodies at home or abroad which are useful to the mission.

If you would like to support the foundation, please direct your donation to:
Account holder: Stiftung Sowa Rigpa
IBAN: DE59560900000007068489

More information on Facebook: Foundation Sowa Rigpa